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It does work,but why?

This town clock was repaired a couple of years ago after somebody had noticed that it had stopped but without giving the bits around it a good refurbishment I can't see the point of bothering.


We can hope.

Olivia took our budget but pretty decent S32 camera to the pool today but it drowned. I think the back became unfastened for whatever reason but now I'm hoping it can dry out and become serviceable again, I do wish the battery had been immediately removed but at least it isn't seawater.


A welcome visitor leaves.

My Father Fred has been at our place for the last four weeks, he's getting on a bit now and was fairly crook when he arrived but most of his health has returned now so he's heading back south to sort things out with my Mother regards them possibly moving north again.
We had 138 mm of rain here on the day he left so hooking up the trailer was a pain, and a nervous one for me as I had fitted and wired new lights on it but happily they all lit up in the correct manner.
I took of photo of Fred and Olivia a few minutes before leaving, since it's a nice photo I'm posting it, Olivia's own parent's died a long time ago and it's been a surprise for her to marry into having in-laws.


A pair of Sunbirds.

I just noticed a pair of Sunbirds feeding in our front yard, not an easy subject to photograph but I'm glad they're hanging around, they're tiny little things.


Jimby's now on the NBN.

Finally after the rest of Ingham was connected to the NBN a year ago our end of town has been switched on.
I used to get a pretty good ADSL connection with about a 16 Mbps download, and now despite having the inferior fibre to the node optical connection I'm getting a pretty impressive speed.
The added bonus is this being cheaper than the old service if you take the VOIP phone service into account.


7th anniversary.

Dad brought up a coffee machine with him and this coffee, I thought it might be a fair idea to try it before it got old enough to vote.
It was OK but OK isn't the reason for making fancy coffee, a wow factor is what's desired but it won't be wasted.
Amazing coincidence the date, I only noticed after taking the photo since my eyes don't manage so well these days.


Ready to bolt back on.

Another little problem on Dad's drive here was the mudguards had broken off the trailer.
I've welded the broken bits back together in my Mr Blobby fashion and hope it'll stay in place for a while.
I know I'll have to do a bit of work to my welding mask so perhaps I might be able to see what I'm doing next time, but then it just wouldn't be me if my work had a professional neat look to it.
Americans also deserve a little bit of credit for naming the welding tool a stick welder, quite clever actually, we merely call them arc welders which is only half as descriptive, but at least our native 230 Volts is better suited to them.