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Mayon is erupting again.

It erupted a couple of weeks before I was there to marry Olivia too. Active volcanoes have a real wow factor for us Aussies who live in the land of calm.



This has been my time filler for 11 years now since I first tried some newspaper Sudoku back in 2006 and found myself hooked. Every night I play a game to help my eyelids gain a lot of weight, and somehow I may even have a slight feeling of competence now but doubtless my scores here playing version are pedestrian compared to experts, something I doubt I could even be due to never understanding what is meant by online strategies.
I also find it a good way to get a measure of my mental health, I couldn't play worth a damn for a fair period after Grace's death, and also for a period recently when other family issues have been occurring but the last few weeks I've been OK again, so it must be smooth sailing again.
It's about all I use this tablet for but I give it plenty of use.


Merry Xmas to all.

A big swag of pressies for us this year, Olivia has a lot of friends, hers are on the left and mine are on the right.
I'm very pleased I'm not 10 y/o anymore, I scored new underpants, happily it's something I can really do with so they're gratefully accepted despite being a fancy brand instead of my preferred lifestyle choice of cheap generics.
I also got a new shirt that I need to lose about another 15 kg to make comfortable, I'll see if my Dad can use it.
Olivia looks radiant with this new top, something that's spot on for the interstate footy matches come winter.
Jimby gave Olivia this phone watch, dunno whether it'll be any good but it sure didn't cost much, even if it fails to work it's a pretty white so can be a fashion accessory.
Olivia got plenty of stuff but I'll let her post about it to her Facebook page.



I just noticed our Xmas tree has a rather overflowing menagerie of goodies around it, Olivia has a very busy social life.


A busy day ahead.

First up take a table around to Lorna's place so they can set up for her party this evening. It's under a mango tree so we're sure to be bonked on the head by a few.
Then off to the cemetery to say hello and check on Grace.
Then with things nicely warmed up I gave Daisy a freshen up for Xmas with a change of oil. This time I've followed by tightwad instinct by opting for Coles oil now that they've finally 35 years too late changed to a 15W-40 brew, for way too long the budget oil in Australia has been 20W-50 which is too thick for any engine made since about the Model T, it seems to be an Aussie thing to offer treacle, thank you Coles for making the change. Last time I looked Woolies still sold 20W-50, so those suffering chronic oil consumption can still get a cheap fix.


88 today.

My Dad Fred turned 88 today (17th December), he's also moved to Ingham to be closer to family, and now has a lovely flat close to town, we expect my mother will join him shortly but for now we're helping him out.
Sorry I've been very lax of late but things have been very hectic for us.


I actually enjoy being positive for a change.

We were at a Xmas themed seniors do at the Shire Hall today and this fellow Nev Milne entertained us, he was very good and I even messaged the council not to be afraid of hiring him again some time.
The event was a junket to use up some ratepayers money but I still got a positive feeling from it, helped by my taking minimum advantage of the refreshments on offer.
On a frustrating note was when Nev performed "Little Drummer Boy" which like pretty well all of his numbers was a singalong one, I realised it was made for my voice, or at least the pom poms are as a counter to the girls singing the real notes, but it isn't in our Sing Australia catalogue.