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Late but still premature.

I changed Daisy's air filter this morning, the first change in the 3.5 years since we adopted her, still no major drama with the old one but I've had the new one under the house for a fair period now and it barely escaped the recent flood, so I was spurred into action.


Frugal Jimby.

This is the lovely budget priced disinfectant I used on that little tummy scratch, it works fine but Olivia is far from impressed with me.

I let my guard down for a few minutes yesterday and got bitten rather badly, I did another eye test at the optometrist because the hospital didn't believe my doctor's correct diagnosis that I had cataracts badly enough to be blind. They confirmed it and were taken aback that they'd rejected my doctor, but the harshest thing was naive Jimby was stung with a $35 fee for a retina scan, something medicare doesn't cover, silly me should have asked about costs so I could have refused, this retina scan must be somewhat like a car workshop milling the brake rotors, something that's never needed yet is done as a matter of course, if this scan was needed then medicare would have covered it, however since I never asked about cost all I could do was pay it and complain that fees were not explained to me.
Lesson is to ask about cost at all times, and never abuse freebies.



I was moving a table in the muddy mess downstairs this morning and it collapsed rather rapidly propelling me into a horizontal position on top of it. Olivia discovered this scratch later on but the worst of it was it took me ages to free myself and regain a vertical attitude.
I'm not a girl so the damage to my left man boob wasn't even noticed, Olivia daubed me with some stuff for it but later on I managed to put the good stuff on it, household disinfectant.


Another flood victim.

Peter next door's mower got drowned again and this time it wasn't as simple as an oil change to get it up and running again, I also had to fight some electrical gremlins before succeeding.
Peter has also lost interest in worrying about it due to our frequent flooding and has organised to get someone in to do it, his calculations are that it would cost what a mower costs after six years so it's a fairly reasonable proposition, so I think he may have left me his very tired looking but operational mower.
That milkshake is the oil I dropped out of it after finally being able to start it.


Olivia ponders life.

Isolated on a houseboat isn't something Philippines folk are accustomed to.
Our solar street number still shines underwater.
A chance to toughen up his children whilst showing them floodwater, let them huff some of his tobacco smoke.

Finally back online after our little flood.

As soon as the water touched our new NBN node up the road our internet died, which of course meant no phone either since it's now VOIP, very frustrating. I went into the water after it had dropped a bit to take a piccie of the vehicle that had broken down outside. The flood peaked a bit over the step above the red car ramps, here Olivia smiles for me.
The car I took a piccie of, it was later towed away.
The only time I saw the SES, just as well I suppose since sightseeing seems their purpose.



The water has risen enough to isolate us again, but not as far as predicted.
The road is closed even though the water is still and driveable but we live in a nanny state now were we're all wrapped in cotton wool.
I don't think we'll receive any mail today.